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How to register

Registering an account on MatchMySchool is straightforward. Just follow the steps set out below.

  1. Go to www.matchmyschool.net
  2. Go to the My account area
  3. Choose Register
Register on MatchMySchool

You will see a “Register your account” dialogue box 

4. Click on Sign up with email

Your Login details

5. Choose a username

6. Enter the email address you will use for the platform (if possible please use a school email address)

7. Choose and confirm a password

Your School details

8. Please then enter your name

9. Enter the name of your school or establishment

10. Please give us the website URL for your school or establishment

11. Next please give us the contact email address for the school (as part of our security policy we write to every school to check credentials of registrants)

12. Please enter the School Unique Reference Number for your school

13. Please then choose the country you are in

Your Students and Classes

14. Select the ages of the students that you teach (choose as many as are applicable)

15. Please select which languages your students are learning

16. Indicate what level of language proficiency your students have. (Where you have more than one class or more than one level of language proficiency just choose as many as are appropriate to cover all of them. These can all be updated and changed in your profile later.)

Your Projects

17. Now select as many of the activities you would like to engage in with your “twin” school or class.

Choose as many as are appropriate. You can always change and update them later

If there are projects you would like to do not on the list – please just suggest them in the Other field

18. All done! Now just click on the Sign up button

You will see a confirmation message indicating that you have registered successfully.