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How to message others

Contacting and chatting with other MatchMySchool users is pretty easy.

You can browse for other members or you can search for teachers of specific languages or in countries you are interested in. 

Once you have found someone you are interested in contacting simply:

Click on their profile

Click on the Message button under their profile photo


The system allows you to put a header to your message and then a subject (that the person you are messaging will see).

It then gives you a box to write your message in. 

Then just click on the Send Message button.


Messaging - writing the message

The person you messaged will receive an email notification from MatchMySchool. It shows them:

  • who the message was from
  • what the message is about (the subject line you chose)
  • a link to the platform so they can read the message and reply

The person messaged can either access their new message by clicking on the link in their email notification. They can also get the message by clicking on the Messages menu in their profile. The Messages menu shows if there are any new messages waiting for the user (in this example there is one message waiting for Enrique)

Messages - received

The user can now access their new message and reply in the same way.

Message - reply