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About us

Who we are

We believe in connecting people

MatchMySchool is powered by Quatre23 Consulting.

We are a business growth consultancy with offices in London (UK) and Lille (France). We help technology companies work across borders and have experience of providing professional advice and support to schools.

We were approached informally by a number of teachers to see if we could help them find partner schools in different countries. It made us think – is there a wider need? So we went and asked the market – we put out a short survey. We got replies from well over 100 schools in five countries all of whom were looking for partners abroad!

So we thought – let’s just get on and do this. We have experience of building platforms and systems for clients around Europe. We’re now drawing on our collective expertise to create a safe, easy-to-use and completely free platform to help teachers connect with each other across the continent.

We really hope you like it. More importantly, we really hope it helps you connect your class and your students with your peers and their peers around the world.

We believe that teachers and students alike should have the chance to share their learnings, experience and ambitions. 

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