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MatchMySchool gives you direct access to teachers like you who are looking for classes to twin with!

A safe, easy and free way for teachers to connect and cooperate with each other across borders.

Why choose us

Our Principles

Our aim is to put control in your hands. You decide how and how much you want to cooperate. Joint working can take any form such as:

  • finding penpals for language students
  • sharing resources
  • working on common projects
  • arranging exchanges

Or anything else you and your partner school want to do together.


We know that teachers are busy people. That’s why we’ve made it as quick and easy as we can to create a profile.


We have built security into every stage of the process. We monitor the servers, the software and validate every user.


Our smart search allows you to find the right type of school or class for your students. Quickly.


We know that budgets everywhere are tight. That’s why we’ve made it free to create a profile and connect with teachers.

How does it work​

Step 1: You register

You start by registering on the site with a few simple details about yourself and your school. 

Step 2: We check

Safety and security is built into what we do. So before we allow anyone onto the platform, we check everything is correct.

Step 3: You update your profile

Now you’ve got access to the platform you can update your profile and share a bit more information on your classes, your school and the types of projects and partner schools you are interested in. 

Step 4: You Match Your School

Use the search function or simply browse through the profiles online to find the right teachers, classes and projects to get involved with. The rest is up to you… 

MatchMySchool Blog

Listen and learn from our community members. Find out their tips and share their best practice.

Safety & Security

We take the safety and security of all users on the platform very seriously. (This is why it takes a bit of time between initial registration and getting access to the platform).

To ensure your online safety:

  • We validate every user email 
  • We check back with their school too 
  • We never, ever share your personal data with any 3rd party
  • We comply fully with all GDPR requirements
  • We have a malware detection and early warning system on our site.
  • We run checks daily
  • The malware database is constantly updated, enabling us to detect even the latest threats
  • Our server hosts provide a team of dedicated security experts keeping track of daily software vulnerabilities on a server and website level
  • We run regular “pen tests” to check the security of the site

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information on this.

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